Hot Ninja Elan Kane’s 1st Mission is to Castrate Lance Hart

Lance Hart is hanging around his apartment when a hot little ninja takes him by surprise. She’s there for one thing: his balls. This is Elan Kane’s first mission. She’s young, hot and eager to finish this assignment and return to her clan with Lance’s balls. She needs to put him through intense CBT fun, then take him out with a sexy scissor hold around his neck. She then ties him up to a wall and takes off her mask to reveal that she’s probably the cutest ninja ever. She’s going to have to get his balls completely full of cum, release it all, then castrate him. Lance begs for mercy but she only gives him a short break to leave and change into something more seductive. Elan has changed into some lingerie. Her mission is to extract all of the cum from her victim’s balls before she removes them. In order to make sure she get’s the full load, she has to tease it out of him. As he gets turned on by her teasing and stroking, she reminds him that this is not supposed to be for his pleasure by kneeing and squeezing his nuts. Elan Kane is one adorable evil ballbusting vixen. She changes into her final outfit. She’s wearing shiny pantyhose, high heels and a really tight black dress. She strokes him a little, then kicks and squeezes his balls just to make sure he isn’t enjoying his final orgasm ever. A mean handjob isn’t what he would have chosen. Lance cums all over her shiny tights while she celebrates the fact that she’s about to castrate him.

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